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Thomas L. Eckenrode

Died: 11/22/2019

Ronald W. "Bones" McElhinny

Died: 11/17/2019

John W. Maharg

Died: 11/3/2019

Robert J. Gongloff

Died: 11/1/2019

Grace C. Yeschke Adams

Died: 10/13/2019

Mildred M. Murrray Clark Lawler

Died: 10/10/2019

Robert J. Hauserman

Died: 10/4/2019

Gary Whoric

Died: 10/1/2019

Sara "Sally" B. Thompson

Died: 10/1/2019

Freda E. "Betty" Sand Knepper

Died: 9/29/2019

Mary Ann Stokey

Died: 9/16/2019

Martha Jane Clark Stapel

Died: 8/28/2019

Janet J. Lucas Shumaker

Died: 8/2/2019

Harold "Speed" "Frank" Schoeffel

Died: 7/29/2019

Shirley Mae Fulton Kummer

Died: 7/23/2019

Leonard L. "Mac" McCrory

Died: 6/27/2019

Charles H. Sauer

Died: 6/18/2019

Jane Sutton Lieb

Died: 6/8/2019

Helen Habay McElhinny

Died: 6/8/2019

Barbara A. Gresko Trisch

Died: 6/4/2019


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