Advanced Funeral Planning

Making Your Funeral Decisions

Preplanning your funeral is the most caring, considerate thing you can do for your family. First, it protects them from having to make complex decisions at a difficult time. And second, it may well protect them from unexpected expenses.

The most reassuring part of planning your funeral in advance is the time you have to consider the many service choices we offer. At your leisure, you may decide on the type of service you prefer, the products you wish to include, the music, the flowers…every detail is yours to discuss with us and decide in your own time.

Prepayment Options

There are many options for prepayment, as well, and paying in advance for your arrangements secures your price, and protects you against increases in the future. We offer several payment plans, so there is certain to be a program that is appropriate for you.

Please feel free to ask questions, and to discuss your choices with us. If you like, we will record your wishes, keep them on file, and ensure that they are carried out exactly as you specify. For generations, local families have trusted us to provide arrangements that meet every preference, every need, and every budget.

  • Advanced Funeral Planning will express your personal wishes.

  • Advanced Funeral Planning relieves your family from making difficult decisions at a time of sorrow.

  • Advanced Funeral Planning will give your family the security and satisfaction, knowing that the arrangements you have planned are guaranteed once it has been funded.

If you are ready to begin, or have any questions about the Advanced Funeral Planning process, please call 724-452-3171 or 724-538-8123 or complete the form below.

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