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Patricia M. Young

Died: 5/14/2011

Lila M. McKean Young

Died: 1/18/2012

Betty M. Harter Wagner

Died: 5/15/2010

Evelyn "Sis" Vogel Rohm

Died: 3/21/2011

Deborah A. Urlacher

Died: 8/21/2010

Joseph H. Trautman

Died: 5/10/2010

Alberta M. Graham Thompson

Died: 5/5/2011

Margaret Sticht

Died: 4/6/2010

Arthur E. Smith

Died: 5/13/2011

Roberta C. Wysocki Shook

Died: 4/9/2011

Marjorie L. Sentgeorge

Died: 8/16/2010

Edward Bingham Schwier

Died: 7/30/2010

Nathan J. Schwartz

Died: 2/27/2011

Donald J. Schubert

Died: 6/3/2011

Donna J. Sieg Schmidley

Died: 5/10/2011

Paul S. Schlosser

Died: 12/21/2021

Teresa M. Ruggerio

Died: 9/15/2011

Nancy Jean Nye Rape

Died: 5/17/2010

Paul E. Rape

Died: 11/3/2011

Esther Mae Hunt Plaisted

Died: 5/19/2010


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